Do you want Asian Paints Dealership?

You are at right place if you want to start Asian paint dealership business in India, Asian Paints group is the holding company of Berger International.Asian paints is one of the largest company in India. Till 2020 Asian paints holds third rank in largest paint company in Asia, with operating in 15 companies all over the world. In india choosing Asian paints is best ideas, it has minimum 15 manufacturing plant, also its headquarters is located in Mumbai.


How To Take Dealership Of Asian Paints

1. Research and Preparation :
  • Conduct thorough research on the Asian Paints brand, their products, and their dealership policies.
  • Evaluate the market demand for paints and coatings in your chosen location.

  • 2. Meet Eligibility Criteria :
  • Asian Paints often establishes specific eligibility criteria for potential dealers. Ensure that you fulfill these requirements, which may include financial stability, a suitable location, and business experience.

  • 3. Contact Asian Paints :
  • Establish contact with Asian Paints through their official website or local offices. They will furnish you with the necessary information, including application forms and guidelines.

  • 4. Submit Application :
  • Complete the dealership application form provided by Asian Paints. Ensure that you furnish accurate and comprehensive information about your business.

  • 5. Evaluation and Interview :
  • Asian Paints may evaluate your application and, if deemed suitable, extend an invitation for an interview or meeting. This presents an opportunity to discuss the terms and conditions of the dealership.

  • 6. Site Inspection :
  • Representatives from Asian Paints may visit your proposed dealership location to assess its suitability and compliance with their standards.

  • 7. Agreement and Documentation :
  • If both parties are content, you will be presented with a dealership agreement. Carefully review the agreement and seek legal counsel if necessary. Once an agreement is reached, sign the contract.

  • 8. Training and Support :
  • Asian Paints may offer training and support for you and your staff to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their products and procedures.

  • 9. Set Up Your Dealership :
  • Prepare your dealership location, acquire the necessary licenses and permits, and set up your inventory and infrastructure as per Asian Paints' guidelines.

  • 10 Launch Your Dealership :
  • Once everything is in place, you can officially launch your Asian Paints dealership.

  • 11. Marketing and Sales :
  • Promote your dealership and products through various marketing strategies and start selling Asian Paints products.

  • 12. Compliance and Reporting :
  • Ensure that you follow Asian Paints' policies and report sales and other relevant information as required.
  • Know about cost of Asian Paints Dealership

    Total cost of Asian paints dealership is around 6 laks to 8 lakhs in India. Below are the breakdown of the total investment.

  • Initial Stock Purchase & Fee 3.5 lakh to 4 lakhs (including GST) Color mixing machine 1.5 lakh to 2 lakhs
  • Shop Interior – 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh ( racks, interior, signage boards, furniture, etc).
  • Computer system & printer 50,000 rupees
  • Other Expenses – 20,000 rupees
  • Shop deposit and first-month rent (if you do not own the shop) Asian paints will supply the color-mixing machine and it comes with different options like automatic and semi-automatic
  • The significant ventures needed to begin a paint dealership business are to purchase paint inventory, retail shop on prime location,a mixing machine, shop interior, and a computer with a printer.
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    Reasons to Opt for an Asian Paints Dealership:

    1. Established Brand: Asian Paints is a renowned and trusted name in the paint industry, particularly in India.
    2. Wide Product Range: The company offers an extensive selection of paint products suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
    3. Dealer Support: Asian Paints provides comprehensive training and support to its dealers, enabling them to effectively manage their businesses.
    4. Marketing Assistance: Dealers can benefit from the company's marketing and advertising initiatives, which can help attract customers to their establishments.
    5. Strong Distribution Network: Asian Paints boasts a robust distribution network, making it easier for dealers to access their products.
    6. Digital Presence: The company's strong online presence can empower dealers to reach more customers and generate leads effectively.

    Prerequisites for Obtaining an Asian Paints Distributorship:

    1. Financial Resources: Prospective dealers must have sufficient financial resources to initiate and sustain their dealership. This includes funds for inventory, equipment, and operational expenses.
    2. Business Experience: Asian Paints may require applicants to have prior experience in running a business or managing a sales team.
    3. Physical Space: Depending on the dealership level sought, a physical location may be necessary for storing and displaying Asian Paints products.
    4. Sales and Marketing Skills: Dealers are responsible for promoting and selling the products, so possessing strong sales and marketing skills can be advantageous.
    5. Local Market Knowledge: A solid understanding of the local market and customer preferences can aid in identifying opportunities and making informed business decisions.
    6. Legal Compliance: Dealers must adhere to all local laws and regulations related to operating a business.
    7. Background Check: Applicants may be required to provide personal and professional information and undergo a background check as part of the dealership approval process.

    Eligibility Criteria for Asian Paints Distributorship:

    To be eligible for an Asian Paints Dealership, applicants should meet the following criteria:

    1. Age Requirement: Applicants should be at least 21 years old.
    2. Educational Qualification: A minimum educational qualification of 10th grade is typically expected.
    3. Clean Record: Applicants should have a clean legal record with no criminal cases pending against them.
    4. Paint Business Knowledge: Familiarity with the paint industry and business operations can be beneficial for potential dealers.

    Profit& Margin from Asian Paints Dealership

    Now let’s discuss about profit from Berger paints dealership, you will get roughly a 3% to 8% edge on your deals. While comparing with many brand, Asian paints offers less profit, but that doesn’t mean that you will get less amount of money. As you most likely are aware Asian paints has practically 40% share in the Indian paint industry, you will get a greater number of deals than some other paint brands.

    In any paint dealership[, the overall margin and profit is chosen by the plans and rewards presented by the organization. Asian paints offer money limits and RPBT limits for their vendors.

    Asian paint company offer upto 5% discount for any payment which are done within 3 days and for payments made within 3 days, the company offers cash discounts of up to 5%, and the payments made within 9 days will get RPBT discounts of up to 3.5%.

    In Indian paint industry Asian paints has almost 40% share. Asian paints company deals with manufacturing, selling, and distribution of paints & coatings, home decor products, bathroom fittings, and related services.Jther paint brands.

    JSW Paint, Berger Paint, Nippon PAint, Indigo Paint, Dulux Paint, Nerolac Paint, Tata Paint Also good in this in industry but we are also one of the best company.

    Asian paints operate only direct dealership model, not like other paint’s brand, It doesn’t offer distributorship and sub-showroom.